10 Unforgettable Sleeping Experiences

A man sleeping on a bench seat on a train

Sleeping on a train like this might look comfortable, but I wouldn’t recommend it – trains don’t run all night in Japan, so you’re bound to be kicked off at some point

When you go on holiday, your accommodation options are usually limited to a hotel, a bed and breakfast, or a self-catering apartment. Well, Japan offers all of these and much more – and several of the options are exotic enough that they just might be the highlights of your trip. You could do a whole holiday, and never stay in the same kind of establishment twice over – and what’s more – many of the most interesting options are also the cheapest. If you’ve heard that Japanese hotels are expensive, that’s only because the comparison is based on the standard Western hotel transplanted to The interior of a stylish room in a Shibuya love hotel

This might look like a regular hotel room – but it’s actually in a love hotel in Shibuya, Tokyo
Tokyo – Japan has a huge range of prices for accommodation – so in many ways it’s a case of ‘pay what you like’ – and of course ‘get what you pay for’. Just use these links to explore the choices that await you:

  1. Night Train: Wake up a Thousand Miles Away
  2. Minshuku: Bed and Breakfast without the Bed
  3. Manga Kissa: Slumber in a World of Comics
  4. Temple Lodging: Peace, Beauty and Tranquillity
  5. Business Hotel: Accommodation at its Most Efficient
  6. Ryokan: Sleep like a Samurai
  7. Karaoke Box: Sing the Night Away
  8. Capsule Hotel: Sleeping in a Box
  9. Love Hotel: Fantasy Made Real
  10. Luxury Hotel: Modern Japan’s Prime Offering

Sleep Tight

Courtesy of novelist Susanna Quinn, we have an article about Hotel Chapel Christmas – surely one of the most unique sleeping experiences ever!


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