Book a Ryokan in Nagoya

Experience staying in a traditional Japanese inn (ryokan) without blowing your budget. All these ryokan make a special effort to welcome visitors from overseas, and can be easily booked online. Be sure to book quickly as availability is limited.

Nagoya City

Kyoya Ryokan ¥ ¥ ¥

Kyoya Ryokan in Nagoya

A centrally located ryokan with its own traditional garden. It features Japanese style rooms with futons and a large public bath. Nagoya Castle is only a 12 minute walk.

Ryokan Meiryu ¥

Ryokan Meiryu in Nagoya

A traditional ryokan close to the centre of Nagoya. The rooms have tatami mats and futons and the ryokan has Japanese-style baths. The traditional Osu Shopping Arcade that leads to Osu Kannon Temple is only 10 minute’s walk.

Petit Ryokan Ichifuji ¥ ¥

Petit Ryokan Ichifuji in Nagoya

A cozy ryokan in a convenient location, just 14 minute’s walk from Tokugawa Garden and Art Museum. It has rooms with futons and a Japanese-style public bath.

Around Nagoya

Ryokan Nabetagawa ¥ ¥

Ryokan Nabetagawa near Nagoya

This ryokan has its own natural hot spring baths, and both Japanese-style rooms and rooms with beds. It’s in a semi-rural area outside of the city, but with easy access to central Nagoya by train.

Geihanro ¥ ¥ ¥

Geihanro ryokan in Inuyama-shi near Nagoya

This riverfront ryokan is only 4 minutes walk from Inuyama castle, one of the oldest in Japan. It has its own natural hot spring baths and all rooms have views over the Kiso River.

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