Business Hotel

Rice-balls, miso soup, ham and egg

Breakfast at the Nakajincho Toyoko Inn in Takamatsu

Business hotels are in many ways the opposite of the traditional minshuku: modern, functional and bland – not somewhere to hang out and relax – but perfect if all you want is to get a good night’s sleep before heading out again to explore more of Japan. Rooms are usually small and minimalist, with the bed taking up almost all the floor space, and a tiny ensuite bathroom in every room. If you’ve got luggage, where to put it can be a bit of a problem, but it’s worth staying in a business hotel just to see how Japan has managed to pare the hotel experience down to its most essential features. Toyoko Inn has a huge national network, usually in prime locations in major cities, with single rooms for about ¥5,000 to ¥7,000, including breakfast (so long as you like rice, seaweed and miso soup at that time in the morning).

Temple Lodging Ryokan

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