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Hakone is a beautiful area of mountains with views of Mount Fuji, just an hour from Tokyo by train. It’s a great place to experience a traditional Japanese inn with its own hot spring baths (an ‘onsen ryokan’).

Here we’ve collected the best Hakone ryokan, including options to suit all budgets. All these ryokan make a special effort to welcome visitors from overseas, but be sure to book as soon as possible as they can fill up quickly.

Hakone Yumoto

Yumoto makes a very convenient place to stay, as it’s the terminus of the train line from Tokyo, and the start of the Tozan mountain train line that takes you deeper into the national park.

Hakone-no-mori Okada ♨ ♨

Hakonenomori Okada Ryokan in Hakone

This ryokan features multiple outdoor hot spring baths in which you can relax and admire the lush mountain scenery. They also provide indoor baths, saunas and a massage service. Both Japanese and Western-style rooms are available.

Tenseien ♨ ♨ ♨

Tenseien ryokan in Hakone Yumoto

Tenseien has Japanese-style rooms with en-suite hot spring baths and Western-style beds. Some rooms even have their own outdoor hot spring, and there are public baths on the rooftop. The ryokan has its own garden, and is surrounded by nature.

Kappa Tengoku Ryokan 

Kappa Tengoku Ryokan in Hakone

Featuring an outdoor hot spring bath as well as a footbath where you can rest your legs while looking out over Yumoto town. They have en-suite rooms that combine beds and Japanese-style tatami mats. The indoor hot spring can be reserved for private use for an extra fee.

Shunkoso ♨ ♨ ♨

Shunkoso Ryokan in Hakone

All rooms in this ryokan are Japanese-style and have their own hot spring bath. In addition there are two outdoor baths – one is made of stone and the other has a view of the Hakone Mountains. Japanese style meals are available, and are served in your room, and there’s also a traditional tea room.

This ryokan can also be booked via Hostel World.

Ohmiya Ryokan ♨ ♨

Ohmiya Ryokan in Hakone

A small and peaceful ryokan in a good location for exploring Hakone’s nature and history. The hot spring baths are available 24 hours a day, and can be reserved for private use. Breakfast and dinner are available – they specialize in sashimi brought directly from the nearby Odawara Fishing Port. Even the breakfast consists of 8 dishes.

Hakone Suimeisou Annex 

Hakone Suimeisou Annex Hotel

A western-style hotel with both Japanese and western-style rooms. You can use the hot spring in the main part of the hotel next door 24 hours a day.

Central and Western Hakone

Sanso Nakamura ♨ ♨ ♨

Sanso Nakamura Ryokan in Hakone

A traditional family-run ryokan, with its own garden and hot spring baths. It’s beautifully located amongst greenery, and has both Japanese-style rooms and rooms with beds.

Fujimien ♨ ♨

Fujimien in Hakone

At Fujimien the rooms, the restaurant and the hot spring baths all have views of Mount Fuji. There are both western style rooms with twin beds, and tatami mat rooms. In the evenings they serve a traditional kaiseki multi-course dinner.

Masuya Ryokan Sengokuhara Onsen 

Masuya Ryokan Sengokuhara Onsen in Hakone

A cosy ryokan with two hot spring baths with natural milky-white water. The baths are available 24 hours a day, and can be reserved for private use. Traditional Japanese breakfast and dinner is available, which can be served either in your room or in the banquet hall. All rooms are Japanese style.

Ryuguden ♨ ♨ ♨

Ryuguden in Hakone

A luxurious ryokan at the heart of the national park. The Japanese-style rooms and the hot spring baths have stunning views over Lake Ashi. The ropeway to the top of Mount Komagatake and the Hakone-en Pier for sightseeing boats are within 10 minutes walk.

For more information see our guide to staying in a ryokan, or explore our whole site to discover Japan’s most unmissable attractions.

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